Controlling pet hair

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We love our pets over everything, but the reality is that sometimes you can not stand them. Usually, that is when you put on your new clothes only to discover your black dress is no longer black but full of pet hair. Well, that’s what you signed on if you decided to get that cute ball of fur. If you are sharing a house with a pet, then there is no way to fully eliminate their hair. But, by following these tips you can control it.

Implement regular grooming routine

You would not believe how significant grooming is. By beginning regular grooming sessions with your pet, you may can decrease the shedding drastically. That doesn’t have to be a strenuous and difficult endeavor. Even if few minutes of brushing them daily can mean a less vacuuming for you later. Every time you feel that brushing your pet is strenuous, consider the fact that every hair you remove now is one less hair you’ll have to clean up afterwards. Best of all, every grooming session will help you to further develop your bond.


All of us understand that pet hair usually does not cooperate with us when we are trying to vacuum it. But, there’s a trick to it. It has two purposes; it can help you to get rid of odor and to loosen pet hair making it easier to vacuum it afterwards. Vacuuming is not a challenging job, but nevertheless there are still some tricks that can facilitate the process. To really get to everything, try vacuuming in three passes.

Invest in washable blankets

Put them over pet’s favorite spots and above sofas or armchairs. They’ll keep your hair from getting on the furniture, and you can easily remove it if somebody is visiting or when you will need to wash them. You wouldn’t believe how a small and inexpensive action like that could make your life that much easier.

Use a lint roller

Always have a lint roller desire the doorways or around the mirror. Every time you are getting out of the house check for pet hair on your clothing and use a lint roller to resolve the issue. That won’t take you plenty of time, but it will help you to look tidier when you are getting out.

You can also use the lint roller to remove pet hair from cloth, but a better idea is to use a damp washcloth. Wipe with the cloth in one direction and the hair will gather making it effortless to pick it up by hand.

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